Background Story

GM Frens!

Here is a short background story about the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001.

My name is Jeroen de Lange, but my frens call me Delonghiii. Since 2006 I work as a Senior QA Engineer and Scrummaster. However, it is a long cherished dream to become a designer/artist.

In April 2021 I created a prototype of a wooden cabinet with a printed image of Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossom. Check the photo’s on Instagram. I was very pleased with the end result. Encouraged by the positive responses I decided to build more cabinets. Initially I wanted to print random images or photo’s on the cabinets.

But, Lo and behold… in the summer of 2021 I got hooked on the crypto and NFT space, and fell in love with the excitement and creativity of the crypto and NFT community. It was then when I made the decision to print NFT’s on the cabinets, instead of just random images.

When I saw the Boonji Project NFT’s I was instantly drawn to the project. Made by the talented and world famous artist Brendan Murphy, bridging the gap between the Metaverse and his real world art. I was beyond excited when I got a spot on the Boonji whitelist and was able to aquire BOONJI #8697. This gave me such a confidence boost to continue my journey.

As part of the cabinet I wanted to include a certificate of authenticity. Originally on a written and signed document. But, as the year went on I did more research on blockchain technology and discovered the endless possibilities. Through my research I came into contact with Swiss startup CollectID. They’ve got a great team with great people, a good story and a fantastic product. They invented a unique way to connect physical objects to the Metaverse using blockchain technology. It is a perfect match!

A blockchain connected NFC tag is attached to the cabinet. The NFC tag can be scanned using the CollectID app. The #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 is authenticated by Deunsk Design and can be transferred to another user who will be able to authenticate it themself as a proof of ownership. Different parts of information about the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 and authentication history are stored on the blockchain. Because of this the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 becomes an NFT itself.

After extensive testing and prototyping I am proud to present you the world’s first NFT printed and blockchain connected cabinet #NFTcabinet22 no. 001.

I decided to call it #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 to celebrate the fantastic, creative, crazy and weird NFT season of 2021/22.

Only one #NFTcabinet22 no.001 with the Boonji #8697 print will be build, ever! No more no less.

I hope you like it!