How to buy?

The #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 will be put up for auction on OpenSea until Friday September 9th.

The Boonji #8697 NFT and the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 will be sold together in an auction on OpenSea. This will give you a unique opportunity to aquire both the original Boonji #8697 NFT and the #NFTcabinet22 no.001 at the same time. Only one #NFTcabinet22 no.001 with the Boonji #8697 print will be build, ever! No more no less.

The auction will take place on OpenSea until Friday September 9th.

You can place your bid here: BOONJI #8697

Once the auction is over we will airdrop an NFT to the buyer. This NFT contains unlockable content which only the buyer will be able to see. Within the unlockable content there will be information on how to contact Deunsk Design and verify the sale of the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001.

The buyer and Deunsk Design will setup a way of communication. Be it by videocall, email, whatsapp, telephone.. wat ever you prefer. The buyer decides where and when the #NFTcabinet22 no.001 will be delivered. Deunsk Design will see to it that the #NFTcabinet22 no. 001 will be delivered on the agreed day and location.