About Deunsk

Deunsk Design originated from a dream, from a vision to make the world a bit more fun. We are a bit rebellious and love to push the boundaries. love a little mischief. We have a great desire to make a positive contribution to the world. With our passion for art, design and innovation we want to build a creative environment where concepts and products are developed that will put a smile on your face.

‘Being deunsk is not a crime’

To put it boldly, deunsk in Frisian, which is the 2nd official language in The Netherlands, means someone who appreciates the pleasures of life. Deunsk is best translated into English as ‘lustful’, which in turn is synonymous for playful and sexy.

However, Deunsk is much more than that. It’s a feeling you have to experience!

Deunsk is all-encompassing and surrounded by riddles, mysterious even. Deunsk stands for freedom, positivity and humor with a touch of self-mockery. It’s okay to feel a little deunsk.

Being deunsk is not a crime!