Genesis Deunsk

building 100 NFT printed & blockchain connected cabinets,

to celebrate the 2021-22 NFT season

This is how it works


Mint a Deunsk NFT on OpenSea

Mint a Deunsk NFT on OpenSea *insert link*
The Deunsk NFT serves as a voucher to claim your #NFTcabinet22

Verify your #NFTcabinet22

When buying the Deunsk NFT you will receive unlockable content which shows you where and how you can verify your #NFTcabinet22

Choosing the prefered way of communication

Once we succesfully verified your #NFTcabinet, we determine the way you want to communicate with us. (mail, videocall, telephone, whatsapp, pigeon post) whatever you prefer.

Your #NFTcabinet22, your NFT, your choice, you decide

You decide which NFT you want to print on your #NFTcabinet22 (p.s. you must be the legitimate owner of the NFT)
When you made your choice you need to send us a copy of your NFT (Preferably with the highest resolution possible)
We will present you a series of different compositions, but you decide which composition is to your liking. And you decide which composition you want to print on your #NFTcabinet22
Once you made a choice, we shake hands and we go to work building your one of a kind NFT printed and blockchain connected #NFTcabinet22.

Shipping and Delivery

We will keep you informed of the progress and give you regular updates
We will see to it that the #NFTcabinet22 is delivered on your desired date and location